Things I’ve Learned – #6 Nurturing Business Relationships Requires Commitment

I touched on nurturing relationships in my previous post Successful Business Relationships Take Work, but there’s more I want to share.

When I think about nurturing relationships, think about what I have learned in nurturing my personal relationships. Years ago my husband and I read The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. These “four agreements” are something I reference often in my personal and professional relationships. What I like most about The Four Agreements is their simplicity and frankness. No beating around the bush here, and trust me, they will stick with you. I’ve been thinking about them for the last six years!

The Four Agreements:

Agreement #1 – Be impeccable with your word.

When building a relationship on trust, you have to be impeccable with your word by speaking with integrity and only speaking what you truly mean.

Agreement #2 – Don’t take anything personally.

Oh, this is a tough one, but folks, it’s not all about me or you. In fact, Ruiz points out in his book that nothing other folks do is about us…it’s about them. And the same goes for our actions. They are about us, not about the other person in the relationship.

Agreement #3 – Don’t make assumptions.

The fastest way to get into trouble in a relationship is to “assume” anything. Nine times out of ten, we’re wrong. Ask questions, find out what’s really going on. Communication is key!

Agreement #4 – Always do your best.

By always doing our best, we don’t allow room for self-judgment, self-abuse and regret. Our best may vary day-to-day, but if we are always doing our best, we can be proud of what we’ve offered to our relationships.

What “agreements” work best for nurturing your relationships?


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