Things I’ve Learned- #5 Successful Business Relationships Take Work

We all have the opportunity to build relationships. Whether you are a business owner, corporate executive, or something else, we all build some sort of relationship the folks that we meet. But, it goes beyond just exchanging a business card and a handshake. You actually have to work at a relationship to make it successful. Granted, the work doesn’t have to always be hard, but relationships are a two way street – meaning, both sides have to work at the relationship in order to make it a success.

I’ve been told that a relationship is give and take. I’ve even been told that you must “give-to-get.” But, my experience has taught me, you must give a heck-of-a-lot more then you ever take. When you walk around wanting, or good grief worse, expecting, of everyone around you, others catch on and relationships can be damaged, even broken.

A relationship is not something to take lightly. Relationships are something to be cherished, and who knows, that relationship can turn into a friendship, a mentorship, or even a client. But, you must start with building and nurturing the relationship first.


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