Top 10 – #3 Ask for Help

Some may argue that asking for help is a sign of weakness. I beg to differ. Yet, I have also found it hard to ask for help sometimes. I can remember all through high school and college I was never the first to raise my hand and ask a question. Oh, I had plenty of questions, but I was too self-conscious to raise my hand first. I was worried I would ask something stupid, and then the class would think I’m an idiot. Yes, this is a true story. In all honesty, it wasn’t until this last year that my confidence grew to a point that I wasn’t worried so much about what others might think, but more eager to find out the answers to my questions. Once I started asking questions I realized that so many folks out there WANT to help you. They themselves are bursting at the seams with information, and many of them are happy to share. Asking questions can be done in so many formats these days: Social Media, Face-to-face, Email, and you can always ask Google!

Pride aside folks, and start asking questions. You’ll realize very quickly that if the person you ask doesn’t know the answer, they will most likely connect you with someone who can help! (This ties in nicely with #5 on my list – Building Relationship)

What areas of your business are you most likely to ask for help?


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