What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You…And Your Business

Let me let you in on a little secret, I don’t know everything. Shocking, I know. I don’t know about you but owning up to the fact that I don’t know or understand how some things work, or how best to get the job done can be challenging. My biggest fear? That if I admit to not knowing I lose my credibility.

I don’t think the initial intention is to be deceitful, but in all actuality that’s exactly what’s happening. If I tell a client that I know how to build a custom filing system with my bare hands, when in fact I wouldn’t even know the first place to start, I have just lied.

The same things goes when you tell your boss you understand how to create the elaborate data tracking system that they’ve always wanted, and you have no clue.

See, it’s okay to not know something. In fact, I think it’s in our benefit to keep ourselves in a position of always being the “student”. When we stop being the student, well, that’s when we become ineffective, and honestly, even annoying. Who likes a know-it-all? It’s just about as bad as being a tattle-tail in elementary school…just ask my first grader!

What you don’t know can hurt you. Here are a few key things to remember to help keep you, your clients and your business on solid ground:

  1. Own it! Own up to the fact that you may not know everything. You can let folks in on the fact that you don’t know everything without making yourself look like an idiot…I promise. One of my favorite lines, “I don’t know, but I’ll definitely find out.” Use it! See what happens.
  2. Listen up! It’s great that you’re might be able to compete in a championship title for the most words spoken per minute, but are you truly listening?  Be ready to listen. This takes practice for some of us, but the payoff can mean the difference between landing a new client…or not!
  3. Do your homework! When you don’t know, find out! The greatest resource in your toolbox is the internet. Get comfortable with Google and make this tool your new best friend.

Being true to yourself means you can be true to your clients and your business. Follow these simple steps and you’ll quickly be on your way to solid ground.



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2 responses to “What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You…And Your Business

  1. Sage advice! In this world of information and fast-changing solutions, the solution that might have worked yesterday, no longer is THE best for today. Having the *strength* to say to your boss or client that “you don’t know” but “you’ll find out” makes you look like a rock star!

    • Kat, it is so very true! One of my most adored mentors over the years passed this little gem on to me when I was still in college. It’s one piece of sound advice that has helped me continue to grow personally and professionally!

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