The Early Bird Really Does Catch The Worm

My Pappy used to get up before the sun in order to get all the work done on the farm. I’m not sure if he believed that the early bird always catches the worm, or if his  early rising was more due to the crazy amount of work that needed to get done on the farm that day. One this is for sure, he managed to get a whole lot more done by getting up very early.

The same thing can be said for us small business owners. When we act promptly and even act early, we are more likely to “catch the worm” then when we decide to put things off until later.

My mom used to recite the old adage, “Why put off until tomorrow what you can get done today?” Yet, we all do it! We put off things that aren’t urgent for today. Sure, maybe we get busy, maybe we have an emergency, or maybe we choose to use that time for something else, but what about the things we put off because of procrastination or laziness? You’ll find no judgement from me considering I’m just as guilty.

The thing is, “There are no excuses, only choices!” Thank you Alicia Arenas for such a powerful message that I will remember, and remind myself of often. When I attended Alicia’s Sanera Camp last January, this little nugget was one of many that I’ve walked away with. This powerful statement couldn’t be more true.

Take a moment today to stop and think about the choices (not excuses) that you are making. Are you making the best choices for today? Are you getting the most pressing things done or are you putting them off until tomorrow? Remember, the early bird does get the worm!



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2 responses to “The Early Bird Really Does Catch The Worm

  1. J. Welsh

    I think I’d count yesterday and today as a success in that department. 🙂

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