The Recovering Perfectionist

Over my lifetime I have realized that organization (and disorganization) mean something different to everyone. I’m not sure how your childhood was, but I was brought up in an organized home. When I got home from school every day I promptly took my backpack to my room. If I wanted a snack, I went to the refrigerator or pantry and found exactly what I needed among the symmetrically organized (and labeled) food items. That’s right, every can facing forward at exactly the same angle. Snacks liked up exactly with the edge of the shelf. Ever see the movie “Sleeping with the Enemy?” Yeah, the towels had to be perfectly hung as well. This was my organized.

It’s only been in recent years (mainly since boy #2) that I realized my idea of organization was actually way off base. See, I thought that everything lined up in a row, labeled, and never in disarray was “organized” – translation, perfectly organized. I was watching the season premiere of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and found myself completely relating to Kim Kardashian when she said she finally found the perfect house, everything was perfect and she didn’t want anyone else to come over and mess it up. Seriously, this was me 5 years ago. Another scene that I can relate to is when Kim is in the bathroom cleaning a pillow while all of her guests are downstairs enjoying her party. Years ago I would follow folks around and pickup after them. I would even wipe down spots left by their drinks. Yes, a little crazy! I refer to myself as a recovering perfectionist.

What I have realized, and what I always share with my clients, is that organization has nothing to do with perfection. When I think about organized I think about things having a home, and things returning to their homes when not in use.

Don’t let perfection dictate your organizing style. The most important question: How will your space be the most functional for you?



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2 responses to “The Recovering Perfectionist

  1. Bonnie Poteet

    I love your writing and your insight. You are a wonderful mother – your boys are lucky to have you. Love you!

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