Sometimes You Just Have to Quit

I’m a Mac owner. Yes, I have “jumped on the band-wagon” as some might say. I’ve never been a Mac owner and I haven’t been on a Mac since 2001.
Some (maybe many) of your are probably wondering what rock I’ve been living under. One of the biggest things that I have to remember now is to actually “quit” each program. Truth is, I sometimes forget. In turn, that program is still running in the background, waiting for me to tell it what to do. Like a genie in a bottle if you ask me, waiting for my next “command”, but in turn it’s still “running” while I’m trying to work on other things.I realized this week that my brain tends to work this exact same way. My husband and I started the P90X program 3 weeks ago, which has been a great experience. But Thursday’s have just been dreadful for me. You see, Thursday has been Yoga X night. Ugh! See, I love kickboxing and love even more to run. Give me some pumpin’ music and I’m off to the races. Yoga, not so pumpin’. It requires that I “quit’ all other “programs” that are running in my head. Sounds fantastic right? But, I struggle with this because I tend to have a lot of programs running in my head at the same time. No, I’m not referring to multi-tasking, which by the way is something I don’t condone, but I’m talking about the many lists of things that I constantly scroll through in my head. Here are some examples:
  • What great ideas do I have for my next blog posts?
  • What are we going to eat for dinner?
  • Are the kids ready for school tomorrow?
  • Did I send a birthday card to my sister?
  • Did I do enough to drum up more business today?
This is just a sampling of the “programs” (aka lists) that I have running in my head. As you can see “quitting” all other programs to work on Yoga X might be a huge challenge for me.
My solution? I’ve had to take baby steps. See, Yoga X is a 92-minute routine. When I think about “quitting” all other programs for 92 minutes I get overwhelmed, even frustrated. That’s a lot of time to be doing something that I don’t even like. So I had to break it down. I give myself smaller goals, such as giving Yoga X my undivided attention (shut down my other “programs”) for 30 minutes. AsI have been able to reach that goal I am working to add additional time in 5-minute increments.
Guess what? I’m realizing that when you can actually get in the Yoga X zone it’s amazing, refreshing (and I no longer want to throw a heavy weight at Tony Horton – creator of P90X).
There really is a valid reason to “quit” all other programs, especially when it means quitting all the programs running in our minds.

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