Life is Like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Book

The kid in me has come shining through. I was just thinking about the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books I used to love reading when I was a young. I was definitely (and still try to be) a bookworm. I remember visiting the library every week to get new books and I remember how excited I would get when I would open a package of books at Christmas or on my birthday. I still get excited if a package from Amazon shows up on my doorstep – even if I’m the one who ordered it!

But there was something so intriguing about these “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Unlike other books, in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book you had the opportunity to choose what you wanted to read next. A book that gave you a choice! You could choose to skip to page 22, or you continue reading the next chapter laid out in the book. Bottom line though is that you got to control the destiny of what you read. You could even go back and re-read the book and choose a different adventure. A “Choose Your Own Adventure” book allowed for a “do-over!” By choosing a different adventure the story would be completely different.

Life is a lot like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. You could go through life in “order” – that is, order according to you, your parents, or someone else. Maybe you’ve been told that there is a specific order, I know that’s how it was presented to me; graduate high school, go to college, get married (not until you graduate), buy a house, have children, etc, etc. But I knew a lot of people that decided to “Choose Your Own Adventure!” They were taking risks, stepping outside the box, doing the extraordinary!

It’s taken 30+ years to get here, but I’m now part of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” club! I’ve realized that the right “order” may not always seem logical to others. I may skip from page 11 to 32 in my “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, and that’s O.K! For me, it’s about taking risk, stepping outside the box and being extraordinary!

Are you ready to “Choose Your Own Aventure?”


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  1. Yay! for do-overs!!! I have been doing things ‘in order’ according to someone else to for the last 5+ years. I am terrified of change, real, big scary change. … I’m getting there though. I like the idea of “Choosing my own adventure”.
    Thanks Michelle!

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