I Don’t Have Time to Wait In Line

Are you the type of person that gets in line at the grocery store, just to be scoping out the lanes around you to see if another one is moving more quickly? Of course once you move to the other line it’s inevitable that the line you just left will move more quickly.

Or maybe you are the one that throws it into reverse at the credit union (or bank) drive-thru because another lane just opened up and the person in front of you is taking too long?

I don’t have time to wait in this line! Your time is valuable right? We only have 24 hours in a day and we don’t want to be wasting those hours waiting behind other people. But why are we in such a hurry? Does managing our time mean that we have to be accomplishing something every second of the day? We’ve been told over and over that we need to manage our time better right?

I had my own drive-thru experience today. I was sitting in the drive-thru line at the credit union this morning when not one, not two, but three other lanes had cleared out. Me? I was still sitting behind a vehicle that must have been doing reorganizing all their accounts – or so it seemed. At this point I have a couple of options. My first thought was to quickly shift gears and reverse this baby up so we can get this show on the road – in another lane. But, I opted for a different option today, I decided that rather then rush to shift my car in reverse and burn rubber to get in an open lane that I would just wait. That’s right, just sit in my car and wait my turn. A great test of my patience! I’m all about productivity and efficiency, but let me just say, sitting there in my car waiting my turn was so peaceful. It’s a beautiful spring morning, I had the window rolled down and I just sat and listened to the birds chirping in the nearby trees. I don’t do that nearly enough!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of managing my time so efficiently and so effectively that all I’m concerned about it accomplishing my tasks. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE crossing things off my list, but I’m also interested in actually taking some time to open my eyes (and ears) to the sights and sounds around me.

Does your sense of urgency and push for getting more done help or hamper you?


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One response to “I Don’t Have Time to Wait In Line

  1. sharpsparks

    Patience is the movement I’ve been trying to reintegrate into my life style. Far too many things these days are about instant gratification, and it just leaves me feeling frustrated, angry and blue whenever I have to deal with that. Because we like having instant communication and instant acknowledgment. What happened to the days where we had to take our time and work for that? It’s part of the reason I deleted my twitter account, because it just became this very unhealthy habit.

    I don’t think I’m so preoccupied anymore with how much I get done, but rather with the quality of work that I am doing. The quality of the conversation or the hours spent outside. I enjoy life at a slower pace, even if there are days I don’t want to wait behind someone who can’t find their checkbook.

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