Is Your Clutter Making You an Unsafe Driver?

Living in Texas now for almost 6 years I have learned to be a defensive driver. Be on the lookout for everyone around you at all times because you just never know what they may attempt to do! Nothing really shocks me anymore. But lately I’ve been more concerned about the true safety of our streets. Maybe I have a hightened sensitivity, but I have noticed a lot more car accidents lately which makes me a little nervous out on the streets. It’s not just vehicle-to-vehicle crashes there have been a rash of motorcycle and pedestrian accidents too. What’s going on folks? What is getting in the way of safe driving?

From where I sit I see our clutter as being the major problem. Both physical and mental clutter are getting in the way of our own safety and the safety of others when we are out on the road.

What physical clutter is in your way? Do you apply your makeup or shave in the car because you’re running late? Maybe this is a regular routine? Having extra items in your hands, not to mention that your eyes are NOT on the road is a recipe for disaster. In addition we have all witnessed folks talking on their phones, surfing the internet, texting, drinking coffee, eating breakfast, even reading the newspaper. In fact, I’m guilty of some of these things. Whatever it is cluttering up your hands is keeping you from doing the most important job – driving your car safely!

So maybe it’s not the physical clutter that’s an issue for you. What about what’s going on inside our head? We all have mental clutter. Is it affecting your driving? Maybe you’ve had a horrible day at work, or you just received devastating news. Are you really in the right frame of mind to be driving a vehicle? Is it safe for you? How about others? Excitement, sadness, day dreaming…whatever your emotional state of mind it may be affecting your driving. Our mental clutter can distract us from being safe and responsible drivers.

It’s not just our lives that are at risk, we risk the lives of others when we are distracted by physical and mental clutter. But we have choices – How are you going to contain your physical and mental clutter when you get behind the wheel?



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4 responses to “Is Your Clutter Making You an Unsafe Driver?

  1. sharpsparks

    Oh man. I get so freaked out when I’m riding in a car and the driver’s texting, or even if I see this while I’m driving. It would be one thing if all cars came with the Starship Enterprise computer command center where we can just say, “Computer, send this message to Jane: Running late. Be there in 10.” I can’t wait for that to happen. Granted, it would still be a distraction, but at least our eyes would theoretically still be on the road.

  2. Thanks Jackie! Bring on the futuristic technology right? We’re on our way. Your comment reminds me of an iPhone app I (and my husband) use called Dragon Dictation. Allows you to record a message, translates it into a written message and allows you to text or email to whomever you choose.

  3. I’ve lived in Texas for about a year, and I’m always shocked by how nice people are…until they get into their cars! I hope people start slowing down and paying attention.

    • Thanks for the comment Sarah! I’ve lived here for almost 6 years, and have been visiting for 15…and I’m with you. Folks are super friendly, which is such a nice thing, but their alter (not so nice) ego comes out when they get behind the wheel and it’s just downright frightening! Hang in there, be safe and my two cents…learn to be a defensive driver – not a mean driver, but don’t let others drivers bully you!

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