Warning Signs Aren’t Meant To Be Ignored!

Driving down an SA street this morning I ran into some construction. Shocking, I know. What really kills me is that there are signs posted far in advance indicating that a lane closure is going to take place. The first bright orange sign indicated that the lane was going to close in a ½ mile and to merge left. The next bright orange sign indicated the lane was going to end in 500ft. The orange cones closing off the lane were in sight. All these warnings and folks still insist on ignoring them. Why do we ignore the warning signs? They’re right there in florescent orange! One might believe that folks are “too busy” and just don’t see them. But honestly, I believe these signs are intentionally ignored. What happens when you wait until the last minute and demand your way over into an open lane? YOU cause a traffic jam, and in turn a domino effect of horn blowing and sailor mouth yelling. What does this translate to? STRESS! Oh yes, stress! For you, and for everyone around you!

When we are too busy, or we choose to ignore the warning signs we not only create stress for ourselves, but for everyone around us! What warning signs are you ignoring these days? What florescent orange sign have you “driven” right past?


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One response to “Warning Signs Aren’t Meant To Be Ignored!

  1. sharpsparks

    Oh man, I can’t stand those drivers!

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