Friday Find – A Desk Saver Saves a Cramped Desk

Problem: A cluttered desk with no place to work!

Solution: The Desk Saver!

I recently worked with a client whose office was based out of her home. The space she used for her office though was also an extra bedroom for their family. When her second child was born she had to give up her dedicated office space. One of the biggest challenges she faced was that she now had to downsize to a smaller desk. Finding organizing solutions that didn’t clutter up the workspace was a challenge, but after some intense searching I came across the Desk Saver. Maybe I’m alone on this, but I get pretty pumped up about cool organizing products. This product allows you to have all the necessary things right at your fingertips WITHOUT cluttering up your work space. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market to gain some prime real estate back on your desk!


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One response to “Friday Find – A Desk Saver Saves a Cramped Desk

  1. Helga Schulman

    I have two of these and they are great! I have never been more organized and never have had a neater desk. I’m actually accomplishing more in less time – and enjoying it a whole lot more. Terrific product.

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