Really, It’s Time to Make A Plan!

I had the opportunity (fortunate or unfortunate is still to be decided) this afternoon to experience first hand complete and utter chaos. I am sitting on a planning committee for an upcoming event. We have been meeting for the last month and the event is 10 days away. The last meeting we had (2 weeks) ago ran two hours long. A few things were partially determined and a lot is still up in the air. That said, today’s meeting was a short and sweet 1-hour (compared to a grueling 2 hours like the last time.) But, we managed to accomplish pretty much nothing. When I look at the amount of hours I have put into this event, compared to the quantity of work that hasn’t been completed (ROI) I really feel like it’s a complete waste of my time.

I don’t tend to get frustrated easily, you can thank my wonderful children for my new-found (within the last 6 years) much needed increase in patience. But, I will openly admit I was frustrated today. How can you plan an event when you have no plan? Sure, that sounds a bit redundant, but you get my point. If you have no direction then you can’t go anywhere, or even worse, you can run in circles until you’re dizzy!

Someone might say, “Is a plan really all that important?” Let’s say for example you were taking a road trip across the country. You might plan ahead for this right? Let’s see, you would need directions; via phone, GPS, or old-school maps. You would also need to plan on where you would want to spend your nights; hotels, with relatives or friends. You would possibly take time to prepare snacks, activities, music and anything else to keep you entertained along the way. So, basically you create a plan, all the way down to how many pairs of socks you might want to take.

But, what happens when you don’t create a plan? Sure, it can be spontaneous. It can be an adventure. It can be exciting. But, it can be costly, if you have to buy additional socks because you forgot to plan. Or it can be dangerous, if you end up in a sketchy town in a another state because you didn’t plan your route.

I’m not saying that you should plan every detail of every aspect of your life, but I do want to emphasize one thing – Make a plan! Do you have a new client? Make a plan. Do you want to grow your business? Make a plan! And by all means if you want to manage your time, and others time – MAKE A PLAN!



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2 responses to “Really, It’s Time to Make A Plan!

  1. jewelrygirl

    Well said, Michelle!

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