Fabulous Friday Find – The Versatile Magazine File Holder

It’s time for a Friday Find! Today’s find is nothing “new” per-say, but it is something that can solve some of your desk pile-up issues. Drum-roll please……

The Magazine File! Doesn’t sound all that exciting? Well, let’s explore the possibilities that this very versatile find has.

  1. Use it to hold all those annoying magazines that are piled so high on your desk they are sliding off onto the floor. Of course before you place all the magazines into these holders you might want to weed through them.
  2. Do you collect marketing marketing? Other companies information? House it in a magazine file holder and Wa-la!
  3. Maybe you have your own marketing materials –brochures, catalogs, folders for new clients. Rather then cram these items into a file folder, keep them upright and fingertip accessible
  4. Have supplies that have no home? A magazine file holder is a great place to store extra printing paper, notepads, sleeve-protectors.

Be creative folks! What’s cluttering up your space? Get rid of what you don’t need/want and take steps to organize the rest! Want to take it a step further? Label the front of the magazine file holder for easy reference! My favorite part? They’re affordable!

Happy Friday Find! Let’s put the “fun” back in functionality!


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