Friday Organizing Find – Card Cubby

Okay ladies (and gents) have I got a Friday Find for you! I’ll take a wild guess that I’m not alone in that I am overwhelmed with the clutter and chaos created by; frequent-shopper cards, membership cards, gift cards/merchandise credits. Recently I went to Office Max and completely forgot that I had a merchandise credit! Talk about frustrating! I had no organization to these cards, and when the time came I had completely forgotten that I even had one for Office Max. Personally, I was cramming all these cards into my wallet. When I got a new wallet a couple of months ago, they wouldn’t fit in, nor did I want them to clutter up my space! My most recent method of transporting them? Carrying them around with a rubber-band to keep them together. Yeah, it’s time for a Card Cubby!

They are available in so many colors/patterns – the challenging part won’t be deciding if you need one (because you do) but what color/pattern to get!Keep your Card Cubby in your purse, in the car, at the office, in your briefcase. More importantly, keep all those cards together AND keep them organized. In case you’re wondering I’m not an affiliate, just an organizer who likes to find functional and practical things!


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