Extraordinary Customer Experience and Extraordinary Everyday Experience

Last week in Sanera Business Boot Camp we really dove into discussions on ways we can create a remarkable customer experience for our clients. I recently got to experience Bath Junkie and what an experience that is! From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave, you truly feel unique. You can create your own scent put it into a lotion, bath salt, bubble bath and more. You get to watch your product actually be created from the scent(s) you have created to picking the color you want your product to be. It really is ALL ABOUT YOU! I also found out that they do birthday parties for young girls, and I’m pretty sure that includes that young girl “inside” us older girls. This remarkable customer experience really got me thinking though, what kind of experience are we creating for anyone who touches our lives either through our business or through our personal life?

I woke my 6-year-old up this morning for school. It’s still dark outside when he gets up and even when he catches his bus. So, it’s no surprise that what he really wants to do is just roll back over and go back to sleep. Trust, me, I’m with him on that one, especially on chilly mornings like we’ve been having lately. As I was waking my son up this morning I recalled how I loved when my mom would wake me up when I was child. In fact, I can even recall “pretending” to be sleeping just so my mom would wake me up in her special way: talking to me sweetly, brushing my hair with her hand, even singing to me at times. When I spoke to my husband later in the day about how our son woke up in such a good mood he said to me, “He just loves how his mom wakes him up, versus how dad wakes him up!” So, I explained to my husband that it must have something to do with me talking to him sweetly, brushing his hair with my hand, and singing “wake up” songs to him, just like my mom did to me. It dawned on me, I was giving my child an experience, an experience that makes him feel special. (And let me just note that he too does what I did as a child and “pretends” to still be asleep.)

My experience with my mom as a child was so powerful that I now continue that same experience with my own children. In fact, the young girl in me still enjoys when my mom brushes my hair with her hand.

What kind of experiences have you had? What kind of experiences do you give?


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  1. I love that. Taking the time to make the ordinary special. Thanks!

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