Friday Find – Over-the-door Shoe Organizer

Welcome to the first edition of “Friday Find.” No, I’m not confessing to losing something and then finding it. Although the irony in that could be entertaining…Okay, back to my point, this is where I get to share with you an organizing solution that is new, old or repurposed. Oh the possibilities!

Today’s great find has actually been around for years. In fact it’s something many households already have, or have at least seen in a store – The Over-the-door Shoe Organizer!

So, let’s just get a little creative here and think about how we could use this for more than just shoes.

Here are 10 organizing uses that I came up with:

  1. TOYS – Just think you could corral small children’s toys. Even better? It’s behind the door! Out of sight and not cluttering up their room.
  2. Art supply storage – A plastic version is the perfect way to hold clay, markers, brushes, paints and more. Organized and easy to find.
  3. Sewing and knitting supplies – An excellent way to hold fabric samples or yarn spools. Great gift for the seamstress or knitter in your life.
  4. Declutter the bathroom – Keep extra washcloths and hand towels handy. Or use to hold soaps, razors, and lotions that might otherwise be cluttering the countertops. Give guests a place to “unload” their belongings.
  5. Gift wrapping supplies – Wrapping gifts goes much faster when you can find the bows, ribbons, tape, scissors and cards without having to dig around in a box or a drawer.
  6. Planter – Use a clear plastic organizer to plant flowers. Hang on a fence or the side of the house for added décor. Out of reach of the bunnies?
  7. Laundry room storage – Hang on the back of the laundry room door. Use to gather lonely socks that don’t have a partner, loose change, or even organize your cleaning and laundering supplies.
  8. Contain loose garage items – Use a clear plastic organizer to contain loose nuts, bolts, screws, duct tape, scissors, batteries and more.
  9. Hair accessory storage – Great for young girls (or young girls at heart) with lots of hair accessories. Keep them contained and easy to view in a clear plastic organizer. Hang in their room, or in the bathroom.
  10. Travel companion – Take one with you when you travel. Corral small toys when you are on vacation, or organize your makeup and belongings as you unpack them.

I can guarantee there are a lot more ideas than this. Maybe your business has small products. Could this help you stay organized? The best part? You can typically pick one of these up for under $10 – even better!

What could you do with an Over-the-door Shoe Organizer?


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