Secrets of an Organized Business

Ever wonder the secrets of an organized business? How is it that some businesses work like well oiled machines, while others, well, they frankly don’t?

Okay, maybe this is just a curiosity of an organizer, but I was thinking lately, how organized are companies on the inside? Of course if you ask, they might just give you the brush off, “The secrets in the sauce!” Basically, they’re not going to give away their secrets, duh!

Let me share a recent story with you. In order to save a few (or a lot) of dollars I have used the less expensive (I apologize to my clothes) dry cleaners for years. In case you aren’t aware, there is a significant price difference. But, then again, you do get what you pay for. I have had “missing” items now and then, and I’ve also had to have things redone, more than once. All that said, I was content with my option, but recently decided, well, that was after receiving a coupon in the mail, to try a new dry cleaner. I dropped my clothes off, got my ticket and went to my car. It wasn’t until I was driving away that I realized I didn’t even know how much this was going to cost me. Gulp! I was still just in awe of how organized and efficiently the employees were working. They have a computerized system, where my old dry cleaner writes it down on paper, uses a calculator to calculate your total and doesn’t accept anything but cash, debit and checks. One, I don’t typically have cash on me, 2. I hate when companies charge you an additional fee to use your debit card and 3. I don’t carry the checkbook with me. Basically, I have to be intentional when I visit the dry cleaner – there’s more than just dropping off my stuff. This might explain why I put off going there.

So, I picked up my clothes the next day, and luckily it did not break the bank (thank goodness for coupons.) It wasn’t until I was pulling a freshly cleaned pair of pants out the next morning that I noticed the barcode sticker on the inside of my pants. At first I tried to remove this little sticker, wondered to myself, “Am I now part of the Matrix?”  But I quickly realized that the sticker was “stuck”, most likely ironed on. Then it hit me, my every move wasn’t being tracked, my pants were in their dry cleaning system. The next time I take my pants in they can scan the sticker and move right along. By creating a functional system that enables them to track clothing every time it comes in, they are able to get more work done in less time. I’m all for, work smarter, not harder! Instead of attaching tags to each item, each time they are cleaned, indicating they have been cleaned (and loading me up with an exuberant amount of safety pins), they tag the items one time with one sticker. Brilliant!

What could it mean to you if you only had to do something once?


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