Is Your Heart In It?

When my good friend (and kick butt business coach) Alicia Arenas said to me this morning, “I can see your passion for organizing and how you want to change people’s lives” it really got me thinking. Almost two years ago (right after baby #2) I spent a good deal of time reading. I was on a mission to find my vocation – not just a job, not another paycheck, something I could put my heart into. With a pending layoff looming I was blessed with a huge opportunity for change. One of the best books I read was Dan Miller’s “48 Days to the Work You Love.” Dan’s book has you asking yourself a lot of questions, but the one question that I asked myself and I pose the question to others quite often, is: “Would you still do what you do if you weren’t paid to do it?” Of course our first instinct might be a big resounding NO. I mean who wants to work and not get paid right? Dan’s message is a lot deeper then that. By asking this question you can begin to dig deep and realize how passionate you truly are about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Is it something you can get behind? A message that makes sense, aligns with your opinions, your beliefs? Or are you settling for yet another J-O-B?

I do have a passion, and for me that passion is organizing. Someone recently asked me when I started organizing and I think I surprised them a little with my response. I said, “As a business, or just as a person?” For me, organizing is a part of who I am. I can vividly remember being 8-years-old and actually asking my grandmother if I could organize her junk drawer. I smile when I think that to this day my grandmother still calls or emails for organizing tips and advice. I guess you could say she was my first client.

I’m realizing that when you have a passion and your heart is in it others see that. They feel that. They know that about you.

What do you say you’re passionate about? Is your heart in it? Can others see that?



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2 responses to “Is Your Heart In It?

  1. As a new entrepreneur, I find that question an easy “Yes”! As a matter of fact, I am doing more pro bono work at the moment than I am doing contracts. However, the network links and the presentations and seminars truly blesses the hard work. I recently wrote an article on your blog and wrote it at 4:00am this morning, just to drive my passion for being up that early to get someone else to fulfill their passion for a short term goal. That goal was to get a job. Once the job offer came, 18 miles away, suspended license and other stumbling blocks, I decided it was time to help someone else in need. I did just that and felt a sense of empowerment. This is exactly what your blog meant to me. Thank you and out of something like a lay off can become a more creative passion for what you really want to do. As a passion driver for my company, I know that it takes dedication in the person and the motivation within the driver to push that success! We are here, if ever you need us.

    • Thanks for the great comments. Send me the link to your article. I’d love to read it. I couldn’t agree more – helping someone else can provide such a sense of empowerment. Great work! Good luck to you!

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