Do Your Organizing Systems Need a Maintenance Check?

We’re all pretty aware that in order to keep our vehicle running properly we have to take steps to keep the maintenance up-to-date. If we don’t change the oil regularly, our engine will get “cranky.” If we forget to check the air pressure on the tires, it’s quite possible we could end up with a flat, or worse yet, get into an accident.

We may be cruising through life without a care in the world when all of a sudden the “check engine” light comes on. At this point you get to make a choice, kind of like the old school “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Are you going to be a faithful car owner and take your vehicle in to investigate the problem? Or are you more of a risk taker and you’ll just “wing-it” for now and deal with it later?

What about your organizing systems? What happens if you don’t do regular maintenance, “oil” changes, “

tire pressure” checks? What will our life look like? And what about our space? Without regular maintenance (daily pick-up sessions) our space will be cluttered, and over time become unbearable and even unsightly. If we fail to do oil changes (dispose of the old stuff to make room for the new) then we pile piles on top of piles. Old stuff is buried on the bottom, like the old sludgy oil, which could easily make us miss deadlines an

d important information. And when we forget to check the tire pressure (make sure the current systems are still working properly) we fail to see if our current systems are still working properly. Does your filing system still function? Are you cramming papers into a filing cabinet that is bursting at the seams?

Just like a car, without regular maintenance our life will not run smoothly and we will encounter countless time-sucking issues that could have been avoided. When was the last time you did a regular maintenance check on your organizing systems?


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