An Organized Mind is a Powerful Mind

All too often one of our great thoughts or ideas just slips right through the cracks. Our mind can often be a jumbled mess, and is the farthest thing from a neat, orderly filing system. Now, it is hard to imagine our brain as a 2-drawer filing cabinet, in fact, it would probably look more like hundreds of  two-drawer filing cabinets. We try to file thoughts and ideas away in hopes that some day we will revisit those thoughts and ideas and plan their implementation.

The problem though is that we have so many thoughts and ideas, that it is nearly impossible to mentally keep track of each and every one. Here are a few key tips that will keep your mind less jumbled and your thoughts and ideas more organized:

  1. Write it down. Get a journal, something attractive that will entice you to write. Keep this journal handy and record all your thoughts and ideas as they pop into your head.
  2. Digital voice recorder. A voice recorder is going to allow you to record your thoughts and ideas just as quickly as they pop into your head. A more frugal option is to check your cell phone and see if it has a voice recording option, or downloadable application.
  3. Leave yourself a message. You are on the go, no time to write something down, call yourself and leave a message. Think about how great it is that you won’t be forgetting this very important thought or idea.

What is it that  jumbles your mind? Is it thinking about what’s for dinner tonight? Or maybe a great idea for keeping the kids entertained? Or possibly an exciting new idea for your business? Record these thoughts either in writing or on a voice recorder, and never again lose those valuable information.


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