The Truth About Perfection

I get the wonderful opportunity to write my blog post today from snow covered Western Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh for those familiar with the area. I’m looking out the window at the most beautiful sight, a layer of white, untouched snow, covering the ground. As I sit here enjoying the beautiful snow, from the warmth of the indoors, I realize that the snow is perfect, but its’ perfection is only for a limited time. Soon, it will melt, get dirty, or most likely have footprints and sled tracks from my two boys running around the yard.

In our daily lives we often times find ourselves striving for some sort of perfection. Perfection that gives us a moment (or two) of bliss, but in the long run our “perfection” never seems to last. Maybe it is too difficult to maintain or is in fact unrealistic. For example, we may want our office to look pristine, organized, and like a picture in a magazine, but the second we take out a file, or start sorting through the mail we begin to clutter things up again.

Creating an organized, “perfect” look actually has less to do with perfection, and more to do with functionality. By asking ourselves the following five questions we can create an organized office that is functional and perfect for each of us.

  1. Who uses this space? If a home office is it used by others or for other functions?
  2. What purpose does this serve? Is it something I use while in my office, or something that is just taking up space?
  3. When was the last time I used this? Does it even work?
  4. Where does it go? Does it belong on the top of the desk, or does it have another home?
  5. Why am I holding onto this? Is it something I could find again somewhere else?

By asking these questions you can reduce the office clutter, reduce your stress, and bask in your perfectly functional office.


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