My Creativity Cup Overfloweth

I had the opportunity to attend a party hosted by some really great friends this weekend. Not only was my intention to attend the party, but I offered to help my friend make and prepare all the goodies that we were going to feast on. We started around 4:30 putting the food together and getting things into the oven. A wonderful variety of finger foods. Yum! The guests started arriving at her place around 5:30. Before we knew it, it was 8:00, and we were still in the kitchen just about to put the finishing touches on the dessert (apple crisp with whip cream topping.) Many folks felt sorry for us for spending so much time in the kitchen and not “enjoying ourselves” mingling. But, in all honesty, I had the best time working side-by-side with one of my dear friends doing something she loves, cooking. There were many folks that mingled with us in the kitchen as we were busily putting together the food and we had folks waiting on us getting us drinks as we needed them. As someone who has not spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking (mostly baking) I can see why so many people find cooking exciting. Putting together new recipes and keeping your fingers crossed that they turn out. Finding new recipes and getting anxious to try them. It was such a wonderful experience for me and an excellent reminder that  you really have to keep an open mind and try new things. The next thing I knew I was looking for my “brain dump journal” (the place where all my great ideas are kept) because while I was working away in the kitchen I had come up with some great new ideas for my own holiday dinner. I even had some new ideas to grow my business. My point? You never know where you’ll find your next big idea. For me, it was getting in the kitchen and making fancy little finger foods that really got my creativity flowing. So, what gets you’re creativity flowing?


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