My Very Long Lists

Well, we made it back to San Antonio safe and sound from our road trip to Albuquerque visiting family and friends. It’s still our “hometown” considering that my husband and I both grew up there and lived there until 5 years ago when we moved to TX. Lots of great food, fun times with family and friends…we had a fantastic week-long vacation. Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out just exactly what “list” to start first. Luckily I stayed on top of the laundry while staying at my in-laws, which made things a whole lot easier on this end. I had to take a step back a few minutes ago because just the thought of my “to-do’s”, both personal and business, were getting me a little worked up…okay, more like “cranky.” There’s the decorations for the tree and the rest of the house, and the emails I need to respond to, and the Christmas cards that don’t have a picture yet…but I stopped myself and realized that the best thing I could do was get out my calendar. So, going back to those lists I’m able to see what is a priority to me and my family and begin to plug it in on my calendar. Of course there are a lot of “want-to’s”, but we’ll have to see if those make the cut this year. I do know that baking is a high priority. It’s something I have always loved to do and with little guys running around has been something over the last 6 years that I have pushed aside. I have to chuckle a little at myself since all the things I’m reminding myself to do like; make a list, put things on the calendar, and “take-a-breath” are all the things I work with my clients on when I help them to organize their own lives. It’s a good thing that organizing has nothing to do with perfection and everything to do with functionality. Perfection is NOT my middle name!


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