Family Car Trip Adventures

Today I spent 13 hours driving with my beautiful family across the state of Texas to Albuquerque, NM. I truly believe that road trips are an adventure. Add two small children and you just never know what kind of trip you’re going to have. I have to say though, I’ve truly been blessed with good travelers. My oldest (soon to be 6) has always been a real trooper. He can find things to do, and never do I hear “are we there yet?” My youngest (20 months) has not always been a good traveler. Just last year at Thanksgiving he screamed for many hours, yes hours, because he cannot stand being strapped in a carseat for more than 45 minutes. I mean I can’t completely blame him. Who really wants to be strapped in a car for  along period of time? That said, when we made the same trip to Albuquerque last summer my husband made sure to bring along earplugs. Luckily the screaming fits were fewer and the volume was a little lower. Todays’ trip? Well, my oldest got out of the truck when we arrived and says to me, “Mom, Russell didn’t really cry that much.” Obviously it was noticeably different if my oldest is making a comment about it. He was completely right though. Russell was a great traveler today. There were only a few occasions that he tried to bust out of his carseat when he had had enough. Now that he’s a little older it’s getting easier. He’s able to eat snacks while we’re still driving. And I always come prepared with special toys and surprises that he might not be expecting to distract him when he’s on the verge of a meltdown. I have to also say that a lot of patience can go a long way. Easier said than done when you’re in a small confined space with several others AND a screaming child. Hopefully we’ll be blessed with a happy little traveler on the way home next weekend!


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