I Must Make Meals In Advance

Being a mompreneur is great, but lately the pace has really picked up (no complaints). My days are getting a lot busier, when it come to work. I can’t complain, I absolutely love when I can speak to a group of people and they walk away knowing and understanding the importance of an organized life. And it’s great to work hands-on with my clients as they see the results of getting organized. It really hit me this week that all the great things happening with my organizing business were taking up a little more of my time. Mainly, it was around dinner time. I was finding myself whipping up quick meals, trying to make sure they were balanced, and hoping that my kids would eat whatever I put together (they’re not picky – thank goodness). But, it really got me thinking. I did have a weekly menu plan. I did have the ingredients to make what was on the menu. The problem was that I didn’t have as much time to prepare the meals as I previously had (grateful for growing business!) I realized that I needed to make a change. When my second son was born in March 2008, I was doing mortgage fraud research at a bank. In order for us to eat before 9pm (slight exaggeration, but you get the idea) I would actually cook all our meals on Sunday afternoon so the meals were ready to pull out and heat up each day. No, the meals weren’t fresh the night we ate them, but they were made only a few days before, and they were, more importantly, ready to go when we all arrived home around 6pm. I think when I make my menu plan this week I’m going to take a step back and look at my own schedule to see which nights in particular might get a little more hectic and for those nights I’ll have meals already made. It’s important for me to sit down with my family for dinner, so if planning ahead and making a few meals in advance makes that happen a little quicker, a little more smoothly, and a lot more often…then that’s what I’ll do!


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