Time for ME to get organized for the holidays

It official, I have holiday organization on the brain. I’ve been busy working on so many things in regards to holiday organizing that I’m not sure I’ve had much time to think of anything else. I just completed the 2nd “Reclaim Your Holidays” organizing workshop today. The great thing about workshops is that you get the opportunity to learn so many great things from your attendees. I managed to come away with some GREAT clutter-free gift ideas, in addition to some new ways to repurpose my holiday cards. Earlier this week I had the fabulous opportunity to tape a segment for our local lifestyle show, San Antonio Living. Again, organizing for the holidays. I like to believe that folks are getting at least one good organizing tip that they can use this holiday season to reduce the stress and truly enjoy the holiday season. As I was putting together all my information, tips and ideas for the holiday organizing, I realized that it was high time I got myself organized for the holidays. Practice what you preach right? So, I started my gift giving list today. More importantly I refrained from purchasing anything when I was at the store this afternoon, knowing that I didn’t have my list in front of me, and I didn’t really know what I was looking to purchase. I also know that I have some great gifts “stashed away” (all in one location- phew) which means it’s time to check out what I already have so I don’t buy duplicates. Believe it or not, it really is time to get your pen and paper out and start making that gift list. And don’t forget the stocking stuffers!


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