The balancing act

I felt like I was a movie start on the red carpet this past week! The camera was flashing away and I was trying to “strike-a-pose”.  How fun is that? Not that I’ve ever really had a desire to be a movie star, but having a brief moment that was “all-about-me” was kind of cool. I can say that because I’m a mom of two young boys. “All-about-me” moments are not as frequent as they were 10  years ago, so I take what I can get. So, my movie star moment was me doing a photo shoot with my totally awesome friend (and photographer) Rebecca. I think the last time I was in front of the camera like that was over 8 years ago when my husband and I got married. It got me thinking though because my husband mentioned the other day that I needed to make sure I had time for “me”. My response was, “I read, all the time.” To which he said, “You are always reading about  your work, when was the last time you read a novel you wanted to read?” Okay, so I can’t remember when the last time I read a book that wasn’t motivational, self-help, business growth… He was right, I had started to confuse my “me” time with “I’m still working” time. I realized that I was even 3 months behind on reading my Runner’s World magazines. It’s a fine line when  you are a mompreneur. It is extremely easy to get unbalanced, to get caught up in two modes – “working mode” and “mom mode”. All of a sudden you realize that although you might be doing some great things in those two areas, that your life actually is about more than just those two areas. So, I have to say that looking back on this past week and reflecting on my “movie star moment” in front of the camera, that it was a healthy reminder that it was time to balance things out again. What areas of your life need a little balancing?


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