Sometimes…you just don’t need it

Me and the family enjoyed a local October event recently. Lots of tasty foods, fun carnival rides (Erick loved them) and vendors galore passing out information and “freebies” to all who passed. You could sign up for their raffle (give your email address) and they would give you something in return. Maybe a frisbee, or a koozie or a new pen. My first instinct was to run to all the vendors and gather as much of this “free” stuff as possible. I mean how often do we just get “stuff” given to us for free? I made it to the first table, got a free highlighter (without having to sign my life away), and then asked myself, “Seriously Michelle, do you really need another highlighter?” My organizer brain was kicking into high gear. This is the “stuff” that ends up littering our cars and our homes. This is the “stuff” that we have WAY too much of. This is the “stuff” that we think we need, but really have no need for. I’m a firm believer in swapping things out. Basically, if something new enters the home, it’s time for something else to leave. Was I really willing to swap something else out for this “stuff?” Well, the answer was a big resounding NO! I think now and then we need to be faced with abundant amounts of “stuff” to remind us that sometimes…we just don’t need it!



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2 responses to “Sometimes…you just don’t need it

  1. michelle

    Enjoying your blog but just had to comment especially since I had just read the article about the visit with the homeschooling moms—the segment about the free pens, highlighters etc. should have read “The family and I” not “Me and the family”. Sorry, just had to reply 🙂 Keep up the good werk–I mean work!

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