My head is still spinning

I realized (yet again) that when you least expect it the most amazing things can happen. God truly does work in amazing ways. An idea, that was just a little idea two days ago, has now become a full-fledged event.  I am now the proud (and I do mean proud) organizer of a Holiday Extravaganza shopping event that will take place here in San Antonio in November. When things started to fall into place within literally a 5-minute period yesterday, my head was just spinning. In fact just thinking about it makes my head start to spin again.  It’s been a while since I did any real event planning, well unless you consider the pirate treasure hunt that I put together last year for my son’s 5th birthday, but I do believe that this event has a few more details (and participants). So, after a restless nights sleep, and the burning question of  “Do I really know what I’m doing?” I realized that this was an awesome opportunity for me to grow. My goal? Remember my “3D’s of Time Management” – 1. Daily Priorities, 2. Delegate, 3. Delete. If I remember these great time management habits I know it will all come together.



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2 responses to “My head is still spinning

  1. Stephenie Cole

    You will do an amazing job!! You are a smart, talented and capable woman!! It will be fantastic!

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