Stop and Smell the Roses

Why is it that people are always in a hurry? Are they all just running late or do they just think they need to get their quicker? I can remember my mom always telling me to slow down when I was growing up. I hear myself saying the same thing to my kids. “Slow down!” ” No running in the house!” The same goes for us moms in our every day life. We need to “slow down” and “stop running”. I find myself going a million miles an hour and in a million different directions and for some reason between the hours of 3-6pm it is the craziest.

3pm – Erick off the bus

3:15pm – snack time/chill out time (all day kindergarten is tiring)

4:00pm – homework time, and a game of “keep away”. We have to “keep away” the pencils and crayons from little brother Russell (19-months)

4:45pm – start getting ready for dinner (keep the kids busy, happy and from bouncing off the walls)

5:15pm – must eat dinner or we’ll be having some melt downs

6:00pm – hubby gets home and for some reason the kids start bouncing off the walls some more.

I realized that sometimes I just get caught up in the daily rush. Trying to get everything done, and trying to stick to a structured schedule. Today we shook things up a bit and went to the bookstore after school. They have such a great little children’s area and even better a “Thomas the Train” train table. Don’t get me wrong, we have toys at home, but I think any mom would agree that sometimes just a change of scenery, and a change of pace can really make a difference. I stopped this afternoon, sat down and watched my kids playing at this train table and I got to read the introduction of two different books – which I ended up purchasing. It’s true what they say, we sometimes need to “stop and smell the roses”. Boy, they sure did smell good today!



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4 responses to “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. Jeannette Oglesby

    Here is a poem I wrote on the same subject.

    “Take time to smell the roses” is a common saying it’s true
    but if you don’t your running past
    the thing that’s meant for you.

    “Take time to smell the roses”
    Drink in God’s wondrous sight.
    Hold on to it–remember,
    there is hope in life
    this night.
    written by Jeannette Miller Deutsch (Oglesby) in 12/96

  2. michelle

    Oops…just readin “Stop and smell the roses” and in the sentence that says “they need to get their quicker” it should be “there”. Their means possession of something. I better quit reading for today. Sorry…still enjoy your messages!

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