The internet made me burn my spaghetti sauce

You know I had the opportunity to today to chat with a great group of moms in one of our local MOPS groups. I just got done sharing with them some tips on how to set time limits on your technology usage. Low and behold the internet sucked me in this evening (as it can do) and before I knew it my spaghetti sauce was now more like tomato paste, with some floating black specks that didn’t belong. Of course, the internet made me do it. If it hadn’t sucked me in and kept me so distracted I would have realized that the sauce was ready…right? We tell ourselves, “Oh, I have just a few minutes I’ll check to see what folks are up to on Facebook”, or “I can just check my email real quick. It’ll only take a minute”. Before we know it we’ve spent 20 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour online. It doesn’t make us bad people, we’re actually very typical internet users. We jump on looking at one thing, get distracted and pulled into another thing, which then leads us to something totally different and before we know it our “1-minute to check the email” has turned into a “30-minute burn the spaghetti sauce”. I guess you could say I just reminded myself this evening why I love talking about time management so much, and even more so, why it is so important. And one more thing…we all need a little reminder now and then to continue to practice what we preach!


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