Listening to my body when it says “Slow Down”

October is here and so came my first cold. I’m hoping of course that this will be my last one for the season (fingers crossed). That said, I think that sometimes these things happen in order to make us slow down a bit.

Last week was chalked full of events. I was coordinating the neighborhood yard sale, which meant a week full of additional tasks that normally weren’t on my schedule. These extra tasks weren’t necessarily time consuming, but they did require my immediate attention each day. This week is going to be even busier. I’m excited to start working with an energetic, fabulous new client, chat with a business coach, speak to a great group of women in a local MOPS group and finish the week with a half marathon race. My guess? This cold was intended to have me rest up, knowing that the week(s) ahead are going to keep me pretty busy. Over the years I have gotten a lot better at listening to my body when it says “You have to take a break”. It’s taken me a long time to really listen, but when I do I find myself back up and running a lot quicker! And that means more fun days!


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