My sons saved me from my OCD ways

I was walking through my bedroom this afternoon and realized that it was somewhat like an obstacle course. I was stepping over a remote control, weaving my way around a toy lawn mower, wondering why an empty Lean Pocket box was on the floor and noticed the exercise ball was in the dog kennel. I knew what it all meant, my 18-month-old had been busy “playing”. I chuckle just thinking about this because I will admit my first son (now almost 6) would have been followed around by me (human “Hoover”) collecting things as he dropped them. They do say that you get a little more relaxed with the second (and additionals after that), and boy are they right. Prior to kids altogether I was what some term as ‘obsessive compulsive’ (OCD). For example the towels had to be hung a certain way with the tag on the inside so you could not see it. Let me just say a quick “I’m sorry” to those that had to endure me! Now? I’m happy that the towels are off the floor and hung up, and those tags? I’ve learned that it’s “O.K.” to just cut those off. That way they are never an issue again!  I more or less have realized that the toys can be picked up 1-2 times a day (not every 5 seconds) and things will be just fine. I also enlist the help of my boys (even the little guy) in clean up time. We have our own special song that makes the cleaning go a little quicker. I will confess though that I truly believe my sons saved me from my OCD ways. I love order, I love simplicity, but as I say to my clients, organization does not require you to be perfect!


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