Controlling My Time

I think about time a lot. I should, I teach others how to manage their time.  Everything we do revolves around time. What time of day we eat. What time of day we sleep. When we are scheduled to be somewhere. How long we are supposed to stay. Time is the one thing we depend on, and the one thing we have no control over. We can’t control the time. We can’t move it forward, or turn it back. We can’t slow it down and we can’t speed it up. I realized this week how often I try to control time. From the schedules to the routines. The only thing I really have control over is how I use my time. So, when I sit here and reflect back on my week I can’t help but think about some of the things I wanted to get done that I didn’t.  Maybe I chose to go to bed earlier one night instead of staying up late to work on my writing. Or maybe I decided to catch up on my soap opera instead of preparing the boys lunches for the next day the night before. It’s not to say the choices we make are necessarily wrong, we just have to realize that the choices we make affect our time and how we use it. I was hoping to get more done this week, but I also know that my week turned out just the way it was supposed to. I sit here and think about the coming week (as I do every Sunday evening) and I smile knowing that the control I think I have over my time this week will probably be changed and adjusted with the “unknowns” that are bound to show up!


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