Too much stuff, time to move, right?

I recently walked into my kitchen, opened a cupboard, and just stood there looking at all the “stuff” that was now in the cupboard. It was a combination of pots, pans, miscellaneous art supplies that had not made it back to their home, a train car with a broken piece and a wine bottle opener (fabulous item) that has never been used or opened.

When my family and I moved into our San Antonio house almost 5 years ago we were able to spread out a little. We had more storage space than we had stuff. But, as we all know, that can quickly change. I believe it changes even more quickly with children. At the time we had one child. That gave us the opportunity to use the extra bedroom closet for storage. Fabulous! Well, we now have two boys, and no “extra” closets. We need a bigger house right? Hold on just a minute! We need to really think about this. We think we must move to a larger house because we’re bursting at the seams in our current location. That’s an expensive storage solution if you ask me. The time, money and countless hours of packing that go into a move, not to mention that you have to unpack once you get there. There has got to be a better way! But, this way is more challenging. See, if we just pack up ALL our stuff and move it, than we never have to go through the emotional distress of looking through what we have and actually letting go of things. Trust me, avoiding that emotional distress is something that we all have done at some point. It takes time. It takes dedication. And it takes us to a place emotionally that we have been trying to avoid.

Here in Texas we tend to think that bigger is better, but before we decide to put the house on the market because our “stuff” won’t fit in the house anymore, I think we will take a look at trimming back and fitting into the house that we have.


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