Important lessons from a children’s book

Books are a must in our house. We are always at the public library getting a new stack to read. Today was a very special day though. My son Erick came home today with his first library book from school – “Wallace’s Lists”. Once I saw the book title I was anxious to get to reading it and so was Erick. We sat down right away and read the new book. It’s amazing what you can learn from a book. You see the main character Wallace did not do anything that was NOT on his list. If saying “hi” to his neighbor was not on his list he didn’t do it. And by the way, Wallace had a list for everything. From the things he liked, to the things he disliked. From the words he found funny to how to make onion soup. As the book went on Wallace was forced to do things that were not on the list to help protect his friend. It was then that Wallace realized that the adventures in life can happen when you don’t have a list for them. This got me thinking. What adventures was I missing by focusing so much on my own lists?  I’m going to have to take a little lesson from Wallace and his lists and throw the list out the window sometimes. Who knows what kinds of adventures I might experience when I’m not so focused on my lists!


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