Stepping outside my comfort zone to find some “treasures”

Last weekend I got the oportunity to do a little antique shopping in northern Maryland. I had never really been antiquing before, and I wasn’t really sure I even liked it. See, for someone who likes order in their life, walking into an antique store is extremely chaotic and overwhelming. I was a little apprehensive at first, but, my mom was very determined to see what they had, so in we went. The first few minutes I spent just following my mom around. Before I knew it, I had noticed some great baskets, then jewelry, than there was a set of bowls that looked just like the ones my grandma had! I started to get excited and wondered what other treasures I might find. When I looked up, I realized that my mom was nowhere to be found. No matter though, I begun searching through the piles of treasures. I wasn’t necessarily searching for anything in particular since honestly I really didn’t know what I was going to find. When I did find some treasures though I was even more pleased that they were all very inexpensive. I found a fabulous crystal relish tray for $8 and a wonderful little basket (love baskets) for $1.25. At this point, I was beginning to really like antique stores, even if they are overwhelming and chaotic. It’s amazing what treasures we might find when we step outside our comfort zone, even for just an hour.


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