Are you using your imagination?

I was playing with my son Erick (5 1/2) tonight. After two full weeks of school (kindergarten) he wanted me to play “school” with him. I remember doing the exact same thing when I was a kid. He decided that we were the teachers. Actually, let me rephrase. He was the teacher and I was the assistant. Erick worked on his pretend computer while the “kids” had naptime. He even printed new material from his pretend printer. The best part was when he got out his pretend hammer and “fixed” his computer, which in his words, “these computers can be trouble sometimes”. Oh, he doesn’t know the half of it yet!  As I sat back and watched him it was as if I was sitting in his classroom at school getting to watch how his day unfolds. Amazing! We got to a point when he just looked and me and said, “We are really good at using our imaginations huh Mom?” Oh yes we are! I love the creativity that flows through a childs mind. It got me thinking about how to use my own imagination. Lately, I’ve tapped my imagination for breakfast and lunch ideas. I wanted to give a little more variety of breakfast options (not just cereal or oatmeal), but I also needed these things to be easy. I’ve found some great ideas online and have just added a little “imagination” of my own. What else could I do with the help of my imagination?


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