It Does Not All Have to be Done Today…

Okay, so it is day four of this mysterious stomach bug and finally, yes finally, I think I’m on the mend. No worries, I have no intentions of sharing any details of this ordeal! Honestly, I would prefer to not relive them! That said, can I just mention how I missed the real world? In addition to isolating myself from my family the past weekend (*sad face*), I was also unable to do any work, thus the reason I’m a day behind on my blog. Not that anyone is watching that closely, but when you like to have things organized, you tend to have things “set” a certain way. Basically this means today I’m trying to do work from Monday AND Tuesday. We all know how well that goes! But, after being down-and-out this weekend, I have decided to take it somewhat easy, and actually give myself a break. I keep repeating to myself, “It does not all have to be done today”… Difficult for me, but something I really need to hear sometimes. Of course some folks may say, “No rest for the weary”, but my comment to that is, if you want to stay in one piece, you MUST rest! So, my two cents for today, be proud of what you accomplish, no matter how big or small you feel it may be!


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