I’m in love with labels

I’m pretty sure I’ll go to sleep tonight and dream about labels. Not just label maker labels, but the really awesome labels I ordered from Mabel’s Labels. When I find something that I really like I want to share that with others. Last year my youngest, Russell (17 months) had a fabulous time at his Mother’s Day Out program. But on the days he went, his bottle’s, food containers and ‘binkies’ would all come home with his name written in a sharpie marker. This labeling can wash off, or part of it will, leaving only part of the name left on the item. I knew there had to be a better way to get the names on things and have it stay through the dishwasher and washing machine (for clothes). I’ll tell you right now, there are numerous companies out there that sell labels just for this purpose. I happened upon Mabel’s Labels and was sold! I ordered the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo. This gave me sticker tags for containers, clothing and even shoes. Yes, this may be extreme, but being organized is a part of life for me and if it means we’ll loose less stuff…well, I’m all in! My soon to be kindergartner, Erick, digs that his name (first and last) is on ALL his stuff. This will come in handy since we just found out he has a classmate with the same name, same spelling! Both my boys will be well labeled this year!


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