What are you putting into your organizing?

Organizing is like a kickboxing class! Minus the intense group of folks who could easily kick your butt of course!

Here’s the thing, I mostly run-love it, but to spice things up a bit I have gotten back into kickboxing. What a great workout and you can get pretty inspired by seeing a bunch of folks working their tails off for 55 minutes! While in class today I had a brief moment when it hit me – not literally thank goodness – organizing is like this kickboxing class. When I’m in class for 55 minutes I have two choices. I can give it my all or I can just go through the motions as I watch the clock, just so I can say I “went” and worked out. Me, I give it my all. Pushing myself to new levels, and continuing to challenge myself allows me to grow. The group environment helps hold me accountable. You get to know the faces and the names of people who come on a regular basis. You also get to answer their question, “so, where were on you Wednesday?” if you miss a class.

My question to you? What are you putting in to your organizing? Are you giving it your all? Making it a priority and tackling it? Or are you watching the clock so you can say you put in your organizing time for today? Find a friend, family member, someone who can hold you accountable. Let them know that getting organized is on your “to-do” list so they can help you get focused, give it your all, and kick some organizing butt!



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